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It’s hard to write about yourself without coming across too obnoxious, but how else would we convince you to hire us? Lets give it a go.

Hello, friend! My name is Florian, and I own Xadacka Photography. Let’s start way back in 2006, when I got my very first “real” camera, and let me tell you, it was a beauty! 6 megapixels of APS-C glory with a phoneomonal 18-55mm lens, the things we did together, the moments we shot! I’ll tell you this, it was a beautiful time to be alive. Looking back and being honest with you, though, it was pretty awful by todays standards – and, in fact, it was pretty bad by the standards of back then, too. But, it gave me a taste of what could be done with a simple camera and a basic lens, and all these years later, we haven’t stopped yet! I started the company officially in 2008 and within a few months I had enough work to quit my “real” job and persue photography full time. It was a dream come true.



Years later, we had more work than I could handle on my own, so I took on some friends here and there to cover those extra jobs, and as that grew it soon became more than just part time for them, too. Now we’re a small team of 4, but we have a big reach. We’ve worked in the biggest venues, for the biggest celebs, at the biggest events. But we’re not all about being at that biggest thing, we’ve also shot the smallest things, like the babies and animals that their loving parents have gotten us to capture over the years, and of course the small products we’ve shot for magazines and websites. But, while we do shoot everything, and shoot it well, events really are our favourite things to be working at. Nothing beats capturing those perfect moments at big events like concerts, clubs, weddings, balls, and launches. We probably spent more time at events every year than most people will in their entire lives, and we love every second of it! So hey, if you’ve got something coming up that you’d love captured, please do get in touch. You can find all the details you need over on our contact page. Thanks for taking the time to read this little rambley piece about the company that I love. Hopefully soon you’ll love it just as much, too.

Owner, Xadacka Photography.

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